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PT. Alson Integra Lumindo

LED Strip Lights

PT. Alson Integra Lumindo Sell LED Strip Lights (also known as LED ribbons or light bands) are flexible circuit boards that are filled with surfaces mounted with light-emitting diodes (LED SMD) and other components that are usually equipped with adhesive. Traditionally, strip lights have been used only in accent lighting, backlights, task lighting, and decorative lighting applications. Increased luminous efficacy and higher SMD have enabled the LED Strip Lights to be used in applications such as high-brightness task lighting, fluorescent lamps and halogen lamp replacement equipment, indirect lighting applications, Ultra Violet checks during the manufacturing process, set designs and costumes, and even planting plants.

The use of LED Strip Lights has increased rapidly in modern lighting designs throughout the world. Architects and lighting designers implement LED Strip Lights for residential, commercial and industrial projects with increasing speeds. This is due to increased efficiency, choice of colors, brightness, and ease of installation. A homeowner can now design like a lighting professional with a complete lighting kit and one or two hours. There are many choices on the market for LED Strip Lights (also called LED ribbon lights or LED ribbon lights) and there are no clear standards for how to choose LED strip lights.

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